Qilly: Virtual App

Qillya is the all-in-one app that will help you in creating your own virtual applications before starting a new project. It’s a dedicated app for developers through which they can input their thoughts and ideas about an app and actually see how it will look before implementing it directly.

App Overview

Our Features.

Qillya can help you to see your ideas in reality with zero cost and efforts. You can create any native IOS UI with full customize ability.

  • Full responsive

    Changes will happen immediately.

  • Easy To Use

    You can create vApp in less than 5 minutes.

  • Native IOS UI

    All vApp objects are native IOS UI.

  • Optimization

    Everything is managed behind the scenes.

  • Multi Pages

    You can create pages as you want.

  • Fast Building

    Build vApp is take less than one minute.

Download available

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You can see the results immediately, without owning a developer tool or knowing any programming language. So what are you waiting for, start building your Virtual App now.

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